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english humour

in Jokes Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:50 am
by stuch | 85 Posts

David Cameron has announced that he intends to make it more difficult to claim benefits.
From next week all the forms will be printed in English.


I was driving this morning when I saw an RAC van parked up.
The driver was sobbing uncontrollably and looked very miserable. I thought to myself ‘that guy’s heading for a breakdown’.

An RAF fighter plane was flying over Afghanistan when he noticed a flying carpet on each side of his plane both with a machine gunner on board. Sensing danger he shot them down.

Back at base he got a right bollocking – apparently they were Allied Carpets.

On holiday recently in Spain I saw a sign saying ‘English speaking Doctor’ I thought what a good idea, why don’t we have them in our country?

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RE: english humour

in Jokes Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:54 am
by stuch | 85 Posts


At the end of a tiny deserted bar in downtown Detroit sat a huge black man. He was having a few beers, when a short, well dressed, and obviously gay man walked in and sat beside him.

After three or four beers, the gay man got the courage to say a few words to the big black man.

Leaning over towards him, he whispered, "Do you want a blow job?"

At this, the massive black man leaped up with fire in his eyes, and smacked the crap out of the gay man, knocking
him swiftly off his stool. He proceeded to beat him all the way out of the bar, before leaving him bruised and battered in the parking lot, and returning to his seat.

Amazed, the bartender quickly brought over another beer to the black man, and said, "I've never seen you react like that. "What did he say to you?"

"I don't know," the black man replied.

"Something about a job."

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RE: english humour

in Jokes Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:03 pm
by Adam • Founder | 304 Posts

Love both of those posts, Quality Mr Stutch.

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