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Pioneer Nevada (XF125L-4B) Review

in Bike Reviews (Max 125cc, Suited For Learning) Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:33 am
by reaper7494 | 1 Post

Had my Nev long enough to do a small review on it now

First got it in pretty bad shape, having to replace 3 indicators, the tail light assembly and more. Then it got running nicely.

Riding Comfort:
Well, it is a very comfortable bike, with a nice seating position, even for a stupidly tall person like me. Although the rear brake isn't easily usable with my long legs. So I would say that unless you're willing to trust almost completely to the front brake, without having to lift your leg loads to use the pedal, then the Nev isn't too great for people as tall as me (6' 5")
Vibrations wise, mostly it's fine, with the main jittery bits hitting at around 6000-7000 rpm, but on longer journeys at constant revs I find it can get a little uncomfortable sometimes.

Ok, firstly, Nev's are not fast bikes. For about 11bhp and the large weight, don't be expecting to win any races. 5th gear for me, is more a comfort cruising, keeping it steady at 50-55mph, but to get the speed up to the max, you need to saty in 4th and hit the revs. Usually reaching 60mph, downhill getting to around 65mph at times. But uphill is the main problem. On the A361 link road, the 60mph limit is usually no problem, hitting it nicely in 4th at around 9000rpm, and no cars getting annoyed at my slow self. However, hitting the inclines, my speedo drops down to 50ish, once even going so slow i had to shift down to 3rd to keep up a semi-decent speed. At one point a coach overtook me on a hill, and i was pushing the Nev as fast as it would go.
In terms of endurance it is pretty good. A full tank will usually do me just over 200km, and at £8/9 a fill that is quite good for me. The reserve holds just enough to get you to a petrol station near where i live.

Well...this bike has cost me so much to keep going in an acceptable condition. A list of repairs/ replacements I have done/need to do soon is below:
Tail light assembly
3 indicator assembliess
potlight bracket bowls and bulbs
speedo bulb (replaced with LED)
headlight bulb
chain and sprockets (need)

Handles really nicely to be fair, massive turning circle, so going round roundabouts too fast will most probably grate footboards, as I have done. But it is really nice to ride, fairly easy to ride slowly in traffic, and can accelerate at a fair rate, often i end up in 3rd/4th really quickly.

Gear changing - usually quite nice, although there is a wobble and sometimes it doesn't like going into neutral, sometimes it loves it too much, pulling away and it flips into N instead of 2nd, but generally smooth gear changes
Threads - Buy threadlock..you will need it... nuff said
Chrome - the chrome used on Nevs is S***. Invest in a decent metal polish and a can of WD40. I use autosol metal polish, to shine, clean and remove any small rust.. and do it regularly, then spray with WD40 or similar to protect from water and rust

Well, despite the constant niggles and problems, I really like my Nev, been a great first bike, and when i sell it to make money for a bigger, newer bike when i pass my test, I will probably miss it. I mean, sure the turning circle is larger than a lorry's, and a mouse could run faster up a hill. But I would definitely recommend anyone passing their CBT and looking to get into cruisers to get one.

There... review done

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RE: Pioneer Nevada (XF125L-4B) Review

in Bike Reviews (Max 125cc, Suited For Learning) Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:50 am
by Solanis • Admin | 317 Posts

Fantastic Review there Fella. Well done.

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RE: Pioneer Nevada (XF125L-4B) Review

in Bike Reviews (Max 125cc, Suited For Learning) Sat Nov 12, 2011 6:48 pm
by grumpygramps-2007 | 15 Posts

must admit i agree withall that. only comment is you get what you pay for & i think the nev,s a bargain.

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RE: Pioneer Nevada (XF125L-4B) Review

in Bike Reviews (Max 125cc, Suited For Learning) Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:30 am
by tribal | 1 Post


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RE: Pioneer Nevada (XF125L-4B) Review

in Bike Reviews (Max 125cc, Suited For Learning) Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:06 pm
by Yvey

Thanks for that great review I have just passed my CBT , and looking for a easy ride for the first year or two .
I want something not fast but a bike to get me use to riding that's not so small you get pushed off the road!

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