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Removing The Cats From An AJS Regal Raptor DD125-Eos

in AJS Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:23 pm
by Solanis • Admin | 317 Posts

ok folks, so this one takes a little bit of a steady hand.

first off before we get going, lets look at safety.

you should wear suitable face and eye protection.

and a heavy pair of gloves. (i wore my welding gloves :D )

you should really wear a face mask as well, but cause i'm an idiot, i couldn't be bothered!!! (really makes the boogers a lovely black colour :shock: )
because you will need a 4" angle grinder.

ok, now thats out of the way, lets let the fun begin.
i'm goin to assume you know how to remove the exhaust from your bike, if not let me know, and i'll do another guide for you.
so place your removed exhaust on a suitable surface.

remove the heat shield about halfway along the pipe by undoing the jubilee clamps.

behind this, you will find a larger section of pipe than the rest of the system. this is where the cat lives.

using your grinder, grind down the welds either side of this.



now that the welds are ground down, give them a sharp knock with something, (i used an engineers hammer), so that the small remaining sections of weld split

once you have done this, wiggle the pipe's out from the cat. (note that the section coming fom the down pipe has a larger section which 'slots' in to the cat, whilst the section going to the silencer has a 'tube' which slips in to the silencer end.)

now that you have removed the pipe section housing the cat, you still need to get it out.
depending on the state of the cat will depend on how easily it will come out.
i found the first one which was complete, easy to romve with nothing more than two hammers!! one engineers hammer, and on wooden handled pein hammer.

put the pein hammer handle in to the pipe section, and hammer the top of it with even pressure till the cat slowly comes ot the other side.

by doing that, you can still use the section of pipe you removed to put your system back together.

my other cat is being a bit more uncooperative, so i am currently trying to remove the inners of the cat, as it had collapsed and my bike mech had punched it through so that i had flow through the system. and let me tell you, it's a bugger of a job!!. I found the best wat to remove it is to use a small chisel and go all the way around the edge a couple of times to unattach it from the housing. then just knock it out as with the first Cat.

after you remove the cats, you should have 3 peices which can be welded back together again.

downpipe and cat


remember that the cat lives inside the tube, but isn't attached to the tube!!!

hope this has been some use.

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