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Balancing The Carbs

in AJS Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:25 pm
by Solanis • Admin | 317 Posts

This was done on an AJS Regal Raptor DD125-Eos, but the principle is the same for all bikes.

ok, so you have to balance the carbs, but how do you do it? hopefully this little guide will help.

before you start, go out for a wee run, a few miles should be enough to warm the engine up to the normal temperature. DONT ADJUST CARBS WHEN COLD!!!

first things first, you will need a vacuum gauge/carb synchroniser. this one is relatively cheap and does the job well.

you first need to locate the screws and remove them to allow the probes to be put in, these are located on the manifold running to the engine block.

right side,

left side

once you have removed the screws, you need to screw in the vacuum probes. it's recommended to use a small drop of oil to aid sealing.

right side

left side

now the probes are in, attach the rubber tubing to the ends of the probes and open the valves a little way. now start the engine. the needles on both dials should be bouncing about, slowly close the valves so that they are moving, but only just. if they stop, you've gone to far!! see the video for an idea.

click on picture for video

to adjust the balance you need to turn the screw in the center of the carbs.

just here

a small stubby screwdriver is good for this.

now adjust the screw left or right depending on where the balance lies, till both needles are at the same point on each gauge. open the throttle a few times and let it close again, then re-adjust till they are staying static. another video perhaps

click on picture for video.

once they are looking right, undo the probes and remember to put back in the screws that you removed at teh start, then jump on bike and give her a test ride. cause you just know that you want to :D :D

and the jobs done.

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