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Oil Change

in AJS Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:28 pm
by Solanis • Admin | 317 Posts

This is how to do an oil change on the AJS REGAL Raptor DD125-EOS, although it shoud be similar for most models of ajs bike.

to make thing easier with getting to the sump plug etc, i removed the exhaust pipe first.

firstly locate the sump drain plug,

its on the left hand side,

under the engine and looks like this.

Remove the dipstick located on the right hand side of the engine

the dipstick is only short, about 3 inches overall, so dont worry about its size, as long as it has the hatch marks, its ok.

using a 16mm socket, remove the sump plug. (make sure and have a container underneath to catch the oil!!!)

let it drain for 30mins - 1hr, this gives the engine a chance to drain as much oil out as possible. whilst that is happening, grab the sump plug, and give it a check over to make sure there is no grit or gunk that could stop there being a good seal when you re-attach it. (i use brake and clutch cleaner to clean off the oil, and a soft rag to clean it up.) also check that the washer is still there.

after the engine has drained, re-attach the sump plug, now you can refill with oil.

i use rock oil 10w/40 semi synthetic for bikes,

but there are loads to choose from, you will need 1.9litres to fully refill the oil.

stick a funnel in the hole where the dipstick goes.

pour in the oil slowly, making sure not to lose any.

let the remnants of the first container drain in to the tank, (why not, you paid for it!!)

Pour 900ml of the second container in as well, (Make Sure not to overfill)

replace the dipstick

Start the engine, and let it run for a minute.

you have now done an oil change.

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