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Changing the pipes

in Jinlun Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:25 pm
by Adam • Founder | 304 Posts

Firstly take the pipes off, it isn’t that hard to do and makes it a lot easier to get the old mufflers off.

Unbolt the exhausts from the manifold then remove the bolt holding them to the frame near the rear wheel.

Using an angle grinder, grind down the spot welds holding the stock muffler on to the exhaust pipes. then grind a little lower till you can see the gap from the muffler to the pipe. once this is done you should be able to pull your mufflers off.

then fit the after market mufflers, using a exhaust clamp and a set of reducers, these are a set of 3 rings that will go over your exhaust pipe to make the new larger mufflers fit, then use Holts GunGum around the inside of the reducers and clamp that hold the new mufflers to the pipe. Fit the brackets that come with the new mufflers on to the bolt by the rear wheel, and then re-connect your pipes to the manifold and your done..easy!

Start up the bike and check for exhaust gases escaping from places they are not supposed to, then you’re ready to get riding again.

now before you run out and buy yourself some new mufflers you should know what the mot rules are for the motorcycle exhaust system.

copied from http://www.motuk.com/motorcycle%20MOT.htm
The decibel level will be assessed at the discretion of the tester, other checks are:

The exhaust mountings must be secure and not fouling any part of the rear suspension
The exhaust must not be holed and free from leaks from both joints and box(es)
Replacements units, other than bikes registered before 01.Jan.1985, must have the BSAU 193 stamp

Pretty much universal for most bike's

(Courtesy of our friend's over at Pnoc)

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